Cea sunlight

About Cea

The feedback Cea (pronounced like “seeya soon”) most often receives is, “Your presence is so calming.” In addition to her grounded and centered presence, you can expect authenticity, humor, and compassionate curiosity when you are with her.

Cea has been sharing body-centered therapies for over a decade. She has served as a licensed somatic therapist, licensed bodyworker and massage therapist, yoga teacher specializing in therapeutics and yoga for trauma, and social worker. She has come to understand that connecting with the body, listening to the body’s messages, and moving from the body’s wisdom creates profound personal and collective transformation.

In addition to her work as co-founder, guide, and manager of the Human Empowerment Center, Cea has founded Soma Speaks and Soulful Seekers.

Soma Speaks offers a monthly subscription of on-demand yoga, movement, and philosophy classes; bodywork, namely CranioSacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation; private yoga; and Soma Speaks sessions.

Soulful Seekers offers somatic therapy through therapeutic containers of 3-months or 6-months.

Cea hopes to get the opportunity to connect with you through the Human Empowerment Center events and workshops, through Soma Speaks, or through Soulful Seekers.